Quality assurance

  • We will familiarize ourselves with your company’s topics and products – this makes a BIG difference!
  • We edit and proof all our translations (and the source text, if applicable). Editing (also called revision) is when a second translator/native speaker checks the text to make sure the translation is correct, there are no omissions, misinterpretations etc. and then gives it a nice polish. Proofing involves a final spell check, fixing up the formatting etc.
  • Perfect final product: For us, the translation is not finished until you are completely satisfied with it.
  • We also offer professional proofreading before your text goes to the printer/is published.


In this day and age, the translation business also calls for the use of advanced technology and state-of-the-art software.  We can translate texts in many different formats even it we don’t own the same version of the software that you have. The text can be extracted from whatever software you use, translated in our environment and then reimported into your software in the target language. This makes the files smaller and much easier to handle and saves you a huge amount of foreign language layout work (which can be difficult if your graphic designer is not trained in the foreign language).

Simply send your files by email to office@young-translations.com.

If desired, you can upload files directly to the internal server in our office in Vienna.

Data security

  • We comply with the GDPR
  • You can have your own login/TAN and upload your material directly to our in-house server
  • All our databases are in Austria and Germany
  • Our email servers are in the EU
  • We do not save any data in the US