What we do

Three project managers and about 20 language experts ensure that every job runs smoothly. When you work with us you will feel like you have your own in-house team of linguists. We act like a part of your company, but without the additional fixed costs such as regular salaries, vacations, sick leave etc. You enjoy the advantages of a large external agency (we can handle multiple projects in various sizes at the same time, covering all your specialized areas; we have a tight infrastructure, meaning we are fast but we are not all that expensive) and at the same time you profit from always dealing with the same translators, who soon learn your company language and understand your products. It’s like having your own in-house native English speakers!

Our USPs

  • Our translators are native speakers of the target language – this ensures that your translation will be fluent.
  • Young Translations is the perfect size: we are not too big and not too small!
  • You can talk to your translator and we are happy to work with you – the translation is not finished until you are completely satisfied with it.


We don’t just translate your texts, we also

  • research terms and special phrases
  • edit the source text (typos and other mistakes) and
  • convey the meaning in a way that reflects the target language and culture in style and content and is
  • in line with your individual style guides and tonality (corporate language)

Writing services

  • We can write your copy as well. Monthly reports, website content, press releases, correspondence… send us an outline and we will write it up for you, or make your first draft and we will provide the final polish.

Terminology management

If you want to have a uniform corporate language that your customers can get to know it is absolutely crucial to use the right distinctive terminology. So we take great care to put together the phrases and terms that will make people recognize your company on the market.  Just as you do in the source language, you want to have wording and product descriptions in your translations that give you an unmistakable style and vocabulary.

Data security

  • We comply with the GDPR.
  • Customer upload with own login/TAN directly to in-house server.
  • Our databases are all in Austria and Germany.
  • Our email servers are in the EU.
  • We do not save any data in the US.


Ask us about

  • an English glossary for your company;
  • setting up and maintaining your own online company glossary;
  • subtitling;
  • neural machine translations and “full post-editing”.

Quality assurance

  • We will familiarize ourselves with the topics and products of your company – this makes a BIG difference.
  • We edit and proof all our translations (and the source text, if applicable), as stipulated by ISO 17100. Editing (also called revision) is when a different translator checks the text to make sure the translation is correct, there are no omissions, misinterpretations etc. and then gives it a nice polish. Proofing involves a final spell check, checking the formatting etc.
  • Perfect final product: the translation is not finished until you are completely satisfied with it.
  • Professional proofreading before your text goes to the printer/is published.

Our special subject areas

  • Financial reports: according to IFRS, the Austrian/German Commercial Codes, US GAAP​
  • Technical documentation: Terminology must be right even when the source text only consists of fragmented sentences or lists.​
  • Research and development: Research is often academic and written in a very sophisticated style. Patents call for technical understanding and the translator needs to be able to handle specialized terminology
  • Trade and commerce: here the most important factor is to tailor the communication to fit the consumer audience.
  • Marketing: calls for its own special promotional, creative and emotional language style.
  • Tourism: requires an understanding of the region, knowledge and feel for the mentality and phrasing specific to a certain geographic area. Understanding the source text correctly can be crucial.
  • Banks and insurance companies: a correct and comprehensible translation is often not possible without background knowledge about processes in finance and the insurance business.
  • Government/Ministries: Texts for the government usually tend to be in an academic style; specialized EU vocabulary is indispensable!​​